Far North: Affordable Apartment Living

Far North: Affordable Apartment Living

Far North, Dallas apartment living comes at affordable pricing and offers many deals for its rentals. When property price is rising each day, Far North is the answer to all your living needs. It comes with a variety of lease options, floor plans and a variety of services. Now affordable apartment living is just easy and convenient.


Located amongst the scenic beauty of nearby parks, Far north Dallas apartment provides its residents with luxury living and well connectivity. Far North is located where Dallas north Toll way meets the George Bush. This way you can get best of both worlds. You can easily access multiple work and shopping locations using the two toll ways.

There are traditional apartments in far north that add style and status to your living. It is a secure and safe place to live for you and your family. They are less than $1 per square feet. Almost all apartments come with carpets, fully equipped kitchen, washer and dryer and hardwood in common area. They have huge closet spaces, updated cabinets and appliances and nice interior. They are worth every penny.


The Far North, Dallas apartments is filled with all type of people from different communities and ages. People from all walks of life stay and find there abode in these apartments. People from all income backgrounds and sets of interest have made this place their home. This makes for diverse living conditions where your child can learn and grow.

It is easy to find rentals here that are beautiful and have great scenic beauty. Most apartments have great view and located on landscape that makes coming home from a hectic day of work easy and convenient. Far North is a very hilly area, with plenty of mountains and hilly terrain around. You have many parks and lakes that allow you to enjoy great recreational activities in your leisure time.


The residents of Far North, Dallas Apartments are quite friendly and welcoming. It is filled with good people who are very helpful and make your moving experience easy. You will like the relaxing location and scenic view that these apartments have to offer. There are multiple food joints, shopping and entertainment venues almost on every corner. These are located just miles away from your doorstep.

You can also visit the Dallas zoo that located nearby your homes. There is also Nasher sculpture center and the Dallas Arboretum Botanical gardens that you can take your guests for sightseeing.

With these many facilities, far North, Dallas apartments is an experience waiting to be discovered. It gives stylish living a new name. With the amazing lease options and affordable pricing, apartment living is a risk everyone must consider. There are a number of options to choose from that give apartment living to everyone’s reach. So don’t wait up. Go search for home of your dream now!